Music of Chance – Paul Auster

See it’s not only crap that I read.  Sometimes, if I am travelling, I will bring something more than the usual popcorn… and thus stranded in a hotel I will read something that I might not otherwise have come to grips with.

It seems a little unfair that I am ranking Music of Chance relative to my other recreational reading… as literature, it’s very readable.  But my tastes have gotten so accustomed to mystery, suspense, and fantasy that I was always naggingly aware that this story was not likely to get any more fun than it already had.

There are card games and bizarre characters. There are parallels with the main character and the runaway salesman karaoke guy in Duets, but the movie has a happier ending. In fact, this fellow should have put in for a transfer to Matt Ruff’s universe or Christopher Moore’s. 

Speaking of transfers, the creepiness of the two lottery winners reminds me of the sinister pair in the Tad Williams Otherland series, or the creepy pair in Gaiman’s Neverwhere. 

I suppose I am glad I read this, but it was a real relief to finish it off and dive back into the escapist books. (April 11-14, 2010)

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