Thorn Queen – Richelle Mead

Thorn Queen (Dark Swan, Book 2)
 And so, when travelling, it is also nice to bring along something fun.  Hence, we come to The Thorn Queen, where our heroine is a half-fae shaman with a shape-shifter boyfriend.  And, she has cool tattoos (seen in the cover art).

I had substantially more fun reading the first book Storm Born…  Perhaps it was lit-fatigue from reading Paul Auster, but whatever the reason, I didn’t get drawn in as deeply as I did the first time.  Of course, book one has the charm of the outsider motif, but this one has to plow ahead into deeper plot tangles.

I never would have expected this to be a full-blown genre twenty years ago.  But here we are with heavy resonances with the Kitty werewolf series, and maybe also Sunshine by Robin McKinley.  Paranormal Romance!

Thorn Queen is book two about this character, Eugenie.  Given her nickname is ‘Eug’ with some friends, I kept correcting my mental pronunciation to francophone, so that it would rhyme with luge rather than sludge… trivial, but it disrupted me, sorry.

April 11-14

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