Guy Gavriel Kay – Bibliography

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I’ve been blogging about books as I read them, but I thought I should let you know about my favourite author, Guy Gavriel Kay.

Many of his books are on my list of ‘best books I’ve ever read’: Lions of Al-Rassan, Sarantine Mosaic, Song for Arbonne, and Tigana.  I recommend you read Lions first, as having the most accessible style.  Or, if a modern fantasy storyline appeals to you more, read Ysabel.


  1. The Fionavar Tapestry, concerning five people from our Earth in a parallel world, “the first of all worlds,” in three parts:
    1. The Summer Tree
    2. The Wandering Fire (1986), winner of the 1987 Aurora Award.
    3. The Darkest Road
  2. Tigana (1990), winner of the 1991 Aurora Award. Relating to a sorcerer-oppressed realm in a medieval Italy analogue.
  3. A Song for Arbonne (1992). A modification of the Albigensian Crusade in a medieval Provence analogue.
  4. The Lions of Al-Rassan, (1995). The story of two military strategists (one an El Cid analogue) in a medieval Spain analogue.
  5. The Sarantine Mosaic, a mosaicist under emperor Valerius II (a Justinian I analogue) in Sarantium (a Constantinople analogue), in two parts:
    1. Sailing to Sarantium (1998)
    2. Lord of Emperors (2000)
  6. Beyond This Dark House (2003). A collection of poetry.
  7. The Last Light of the Sun (2004). A story based on the Erling (Viking analogue culture) invasions of Anglcyn (which is an analogue of Saxon-England) and Cyngael (a medieval Wales analogue) during the rule of Aeldred (an analogue of Alfred the Great).
  8. Ysabel (2007). A modern urban fantasy set in Provence, centering around a teenage boy and his encounters with characters from the distant past. Explicitly if lightly linked to The Fionavar Tapestry, featuring two of its main characters as supporting roles.
  9. Under Heaven (April 27, 2010). A story based on the 8th century Tang Dynasty and the events leading up to the An Shi Rebellion.

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