Small Favor – Jim Butcher

Just finished reading Small Favor by Jim Butcher. This selection comes to your courtesy of browsing the first letters of the alphabet at the library.

The astute among you may point out that Small Favor is book ten of the series… to which I say, hah. It’s worth checking out to see if it’s worth requesting book one.

The protagonist is named Dresden, and apparently he’s a wizard. Mayhem ensues, unsurprisingly.

The cover art looks roughly like Clint Eastwood as The Pale Rider, but holding a magic staff.  Dresden is much more mouthy than Clint ever was in the Westerns I remember.  Despite the grim-loner vibe on the cover, Dresden has friends and allies galore, plus enemies all over the map as you might expect in book ten of anything worth reading.

I’d say this is kid-friendly, in that the profanity and sex are tame-to-nonexistent.

This ranks as reasonable summer reading – decent banter and a medium-fun roller-coaster ride. 

Spoiler alert

I do have to say the absolute highlight of the book was when the Wagner music kicked in during the big final battle.  I laughed out loud, loudly!

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