Betrayal in Death – J.D. Robb

Eve Dallas is a NYPD homicide cop in 2059… married a year ago to the handsome rogue billionaire Irish handsome guy Rourke.  Do we ever know his first name?!

Ah well, this is solidly in the pulp pile.  Hang on, that’s a good tag…

Yes. So, because this is one of Eleanor’s In Death books, there’s a murder within the first ten pages, and then 360 more pages to catch the villain.  Our first victim is a chambermaid in one of Rourke’s luxury hotels, right in NYC while he is there helping to host a fundraiser. The killer is an assassin, and the true mystery is setting out to be who hired him, and why.

Well, events unfold… Peabody is in the early stages of her relationship with McNab, which provides some fresher humor.

You know, she’s written so many of these, they could almost take place in real-time, if you know what I mean.  Certainly, it’s not supposed to be a year-per-book.

In any event, this is one of the better Dallas books.  A bit more suspenseful, a bit steamier, and a good sprinkling of villains.

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