Reader and Raelynx – Sharon Shinn

A reliable instalment in the series.

Stars: Three of five

Format: Review only, no links.
Summary: The king decides to attempt to divert the coming civil war by marrying his daughter off to one of the southern marlords. Cammon is assigned to read the intentions of Princess Amalie’s suitors. Unfortunately, he and the princess soon fall in love themselves.
The civil war, led by Coralinda Gisseltess, who has been trying to stamp out mystics and their magical practices, her brother, the lord of Gisseltess, and the lord of Fortunalt, ends with the death of King Baryn, and the deaths of the three leaders of the rebellion. Some Riders die in defense of King Baryn. Some of those who don’t die resign from the Riders, because they feel that they failed in their principal duty. (via wikipedia)
Provenance: Borrowed from library.

Ah, yes, this is why I’m keeping this blog anonymous.  Not only is this hardcover’s jacket art cringeworthy, it also follows an Eddingsesque path from point A to point Z. But it’s fun, and very reliable.

That’s why this is the fourth book I’ve read recently in this series by Sharon Shinn.  I can’t avoid the cliches, so I won’t. The series follows a merry band of adventurers on our little content Gillengaria.

There is magic, romance, and travel. Each book focuses on one of the 5 to 8 in the growing group of ummm people.

Star-crossed romance features in each one.  The real ‘happily ever after’ moment may occur after the end of a book, which is a bit of a cop-out. Like when Kirra the noblewoman decides that she’s in love with Donnal … not just  a friend.  Happens between books?

The writing is vivid and very visual.  These people are not faceless, they’re likable.

I am wondering if there’ll be a final book… this one might have been the big finish, but the battle seemed not to be cataclysmic enough.  On the other hand, the two major baddies do end up dead with this book. Dunno.

Shinn’s Archangel was much stronger – -better story.

In general though, good for poolside reading.

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