Sorry, can’t cure stupid

I find it a worrying comment on my professional commitment to a particular project as a consultant that I felt forced to use this phrase in rebutting a business requirements point:

Sorry, can’t cure stupid.

I am sorry, but if your completely hypothetical user refuses to adhere to the common sense approaches which should be obvious to a blind newt, and does not attend training, and decides to right-click on the frigging button while simultaneously pressing control, alt, delete, and the clutch pedal regardless, well… I can’t help that person.  I agree, there are numerous ways the core software could have been written better, but that is not why we are all here.

In an informal discussion when I was blowing off steam with some folks in IS, we shared the following along with some examples

  • Picnic – problem in chair, not in computer
  • Pebkac – problem exists between keyboard and chair
  • ID10T – pronounced Eye Dee Ten Tea, but of course it looks like…

Also, though it’s not quite the same, I really like the H2IK protocol from Defying Gravity. That’s one of my favourite bits from that series.

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