Three strings

So, these three strings go into a bar, and take a seat.  They get their drinks, and are swilling along having a fine time. Perhaps they’re getting a little rowdy, but no more than the other patrons. 

But the bartender puts down his towel, and walks up to the first string, and says ‘I am sorry, but you have to leave.  We don’t serve strings in here.’  Well, the string whines, and complains and protests, but the bartender holds firm. Out goes the first string.

He then approaches the second string, and says ‘Look, as I was telling your buddy there, you’ll have to go. We don’t allow strings at the bar’

The third string is watching and listening to all this of course.  So, he sets down his beer, and starts looping himself all around the stool, and rubbing his head back and forth against the edge of the bar until he’s wrapped up into a frazzled, tangled clump.

After the second string drags himself dejectedly out the door, the bartender turns to the third string and says ‘Look, aren’t you a string too? You are going to have to leave!’

The third string reaches out his remaining untied threads and clamps onto his beer.  ‘Nah,’ he says, ‘I’m a frayed knot’.

Another whole page of concise puns

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