Shadowrise – Tad Williams

Well, here is book 3.5 in Tad Williams’ most recent opus: Shadowrise

There are still some similarities to Song and Ice and Fire, most annoyingly with the Tollys and Eddons… but with this book the plot (finally) picks up enough momentum to power along all the important characters. Briony gets less whiny and starts doing things, as does Barrick.  I liked the plot twist with Barrick towards the end.

There was less focus on the guard captain in this book – he’d seemed a promising character, but the unrequited moping over a not-quite adult girl half his age was getting creepy.

Looking forward to the final half of that final book – called Shadowheart. By the way, book one was Shadowmarch, book two was Shadowplay.  The titles (and possibly the meandering plot and hoardes of characters) make it hard to keep track.

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