Past Shows – the list

Community theatre is fun.

  • The Mousetrap – Village Theatre Waterdown 2011 – Miss Casewell. I have some business to attend to. When it is done, I shall go back. …. I’m not in a position to provide you a social reference. I have lived most of my life abroad.
  • A Bedfull of Foreigners – Players’ Guild of Hamilton 2009 – Helga.  My bassrobe! Itz caught on a hook. Pull me up!
  • A Chorus of DisapprovalVillage Theatre Waterdown 2008 – Fay Hubbard.  Mmm, veal. How do you… spell… it?
  • You Know I can’t hear you when the water’s running – Dundas Little Theatre  2000 – Jenny, aka Mattress Girl.
  • Perfect Timing – The Aldershot Players 1998 – Laura O’Hara. Ducks…
  • The Butler Did It, Again – The Aldershot Players 1998 – girlfriend-model-kidnapVictim Screeeeeeam.
  • everything I could get cast in – Highschool 🙂 Most notably, Harvey.

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