Before they are Hanged – Joe Abercrombie

Book two of Abercrombie’s The First Law – resumes with the first book’s momentum and gathers speed from there.  Enjoyable character development, good plot twists and movement.

We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged… heh – that is a much better quote than ‘the blade itself’

Furious – excellent nickname.  The torturer is getting even better as a character, and I also enjoyed the Mage, Apprentice, Captain, Vengeful Ex-slave, and Vikings’ expedition.  Clearly ‘Ninefingers’ is the most memorable nickname from the book, because I can’t dredge up other names.

When is a rock just a rock?

I am looking forward to the next book, Last Argument of Kings.

This goes on my list of ‘to be recommended to others’… though not to the pre-teen crowd, sadly. This book does have some s-e-x… which didn’t happen in book 1 The Blade Itself

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