Dogsbody – Diana Wynne Jones

Dogsbody, by Diana Wynne Jones, is a book I remember reading in grade school. I found it on NovelList in the teen section while I was digging through for books for the kids.

What I did find interesting was that I didn’t remember any of the IRA angle, that it was set in England, and that the stepmother character is so one-dimensionally mean.  Not that those are the driving force of the story – ‘My life as a dog’ would cover that.

Sad to say it’s not fully as awesome as I remember.   It’s not embarrassing, but it’s not a piece of excellent literature, either.

I will recommend it to the lads, because when I was their age, I did think this book was fabulous.  3.5 stars from today’s point of view, 4.5 for what I thought of it when I was eleven.

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