5 star science fiction

The top half of this post is books not-yet-reviewed, and then the second part is links to my reviews.

Not yet reviewed here

I just haven’t re-read since I started my blog.

Favorite books that I read ‘pre-blog’.

These are five-star books, and I’m collecting them here as a reminder to myself to review them for later.  In no particular order:

  • Ilium – Dan Simmons. Hefty book, huge in scale.  I think you can apply for high-school literature credits, there are so many classics references.
  • The Doomsday Book – Connie Willis. Ignore the cover!
  • Fire upon the Deep – Vernor Vinge.  These are probably the most impressive, and alien, aliens that I’ve ever read as full-fleshed characters.  You’re literally inside their headses.
  • A Deepness in the Sky  – Vernor Vinge. I read this following Fire upon the Deep but after a long, long hiatus. I think in some ways, my vague memories of the earlier characters was the perfect frame of reference for reading this book, in understanding what came between, and who lived happily ever after.  You have to love an author who coins the phrase ‘Wild Witless Bird’
  • Grass – Sherri S. Tepper (review still forthcoming) (a re-read)
  • Mirror Dance – Lois McMaster Bujold (review still forthcoming)

Possible candidates?

I am not sure whether the following qualify on all points as five-star books for me, but I’ll check sometime.

  • Dune – Frank Herbert. Certainly outstanding world-building, and seminal science-fiction with its warring houses.  It also may be the earliest example of the excerpted scholarly references scattered throughout. I don’t remember, though, whether the characters are fully five-star quality, and if the prose itself is stellar.
  • [Various colors of] Mars – Kim Stanley Robinson – really big books covering generations of Mars colonists.
  • Hellspark – Janet Kagan. Like the CJ Cherryh books, this is a story I’ve returned to countless times, and have liked more with each visit. Is it that great on a single read… not sure.

Hmmm: I know there are more, but I’ll have to look at my own shelves and re-browse the library someday.

Five Star Science Fiction – with my reviews

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