Once a Princess – Sherwood Smith

Yes, the cover of Once  a Princess is probably as bad as it could get. The tag line ‘nobody messes with Mom!’ is also cringeworthy.

I am only reading this book because I was so impressed by the Inda series also by Sherwood Smith.  But based on her web site, I see that series is clearly her literary triumph (so far) and that the other books are more light-hearted visits to the same themes, often aimed at younger readers.

This book seems teenage-girl-friendly so far.  I’ll hold off on granting it my YA tag, though, until I am sure it doesn’t get raunchily inappropriate by the end.

… and no, it stays appropriate all the way through.  I finished reading this a week ago, and I must say that very little of it stays in the memory.  I am not sure I will bother tracking down its sequel.

What I am looking forward to: the fourth book in the Inda series, which is called Treason’s Shore.

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