Building my library – Bay City Books online

I’ve discovered the excellent selection available through and especially Bay City Books – they’ve been really nice so far in answering multiple emails today as I track down books that’re gaps in my collection.  And, if you go to Bay City Books’ homepage, I like what they say about their business model – helping thrift organizations, hiring teens to help with independence, donating to schools and communities in trouble.

In particular, they have two of the Green Sky trilogy by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, which I remember fondly as the first books that inspired me to fan fic.  Not that I carried through on the ambition 😦 but still, I consider that a sign of a strong influence.

So, I am prowling back through this blog to get reminders of what I would like to own, and so far I’ve picked out a few Dick Francis, a Christopher Moore, and a couple of books for the kids.

I’ll let you know how the shipping experience with Bay City Books turns out…

Cough. Choke. $117 to ship 19 books to Canada, while the book cost is under $31.  I guess that’s why you’d buy in person.  I guess it might have been cheaper to carry it on the plane, after all. 😛

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