Change of Command – Elizabeth Moon

This is one of the books in the Serrano/Suiza series of stories. It’s hardly nutritious fare, but it did survive a re-read.

This practically defines ‘space opera’.  I think it’s the first Serrano story I read, so it was interesting to come back to it after having read most of the story before and after it.

This book follows Brun’s capture and rescue.  Esmay, Barin, and Brun gallivant around the galaxy.  Kate Briarly of the Lone Star Confederation is fun.  I think this book includes the Begnignity with their color-coded sword dance performances.  How does one pronounce that? Buh Nig ni Tee? Buh NINE nuh Tee?  Despite its obvious English-language roots, the unweildiness makes me thing beigne-nity, or, the Empire of Donuts. I dunno, just bothers me.)

As a re-read, the politics were definitely in the blah-blah category. As I was reading purely for fun, I just paged past them this time through, especially the court-of-crullers stuff.

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