Song of Scarabeus – Sara Creasy

Again with the wince-inducing cover art.  You might think this would provide feedback to take my reading habits upscale… nope.  Just making sure to turn the cover down when reading out in public.

Fun.  I should look for more by this author.

The main character is a wet-teck (or something like that).  There’s bio-computing all over the place, and she’s been modified, trained since youth, and can connect with her fingers.  The bio-computing is the central technology in terraforming ‘seeds’ – acronym BRAT.  Our girl gets picked up by smugglers/outlaws who plan to hijack some failed BRATs and sell them to impoverished colonies.

The stalwart dude on the cover is a convict with a head-chip rigged to explode, if he gets too far from our main character.  They bond together since neither of them chose this arrangement, and they want to get free.

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