Valor’s Choice – Tanya Huff

A *real* looking space suit - not too tight ;)Space Marines. Hoo-rah.

Welcome to Valor’s Choice by Tanya Huff. I appreciate the ‘branding’ approach by using the same noun in all the titles of a series, but sadly I can’t keep track of which was which, as a result.

Really, reading this is not a genre obsession, it’s my approach of trying to read everything by any particular worthwhile author.  So, Tanya Huff’s books are on my to-do list.

The first book in the Confederation series follows tough Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr as she leads her green new Second Lt through a supposed diplomatic mission, that turns out to be a combat mission. And, this particular lieutenant is lavender-haired, not green.  Heh.

The sense of camaraderie is well-conveyed, though without reaching the impressive level of tactical realism that Elizabeth Moon brings.

A fun read – I’d read this one before, but came across it again because it was republished as part of an ‘omnibus – A Confederation of Valor.  I’m now working on the sequel The Better Part of Valor.

Summary of TBPoV from the book jacket:

The Better Part of Valor Never tell a two-star general what you really think of him…That was the mistake Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr had made with General Morris.  And Torin’s reward – or punishment – was to be separated from her platoon and sent off on what might prove an extremely perilous assignment.  She was commandeered to protect a scientific expedition to a newly discovered and seemingly derelict spaceship of truly epic proportions.  Only time would tell whether the ship was what is appeared to be, or a trap created by the Others – or the work of an unknown alien race with an agenda that could prove all too hostile to other life-forms…

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