Thunderbird Falls – C.E. Murphy

C.E. Murphy is  a new author for me – Thunderbird Falls is book two of her second series.

Again, this is something I grabbed off the paperback shelves at the library – it had a sci-fi fantasy sticker, and the blurb on the back was promising.

Once I got it home, and read the reviews inside the cover, I was a little worried to realize that it`s published by the Luna group – which is slanted to more romantic fiction.  But, I survived, and the story was enjoyable. The only part that didn`t quite work for me was the slightly heavy-handed comments our heroine makes about her attractions to her Captain.  I almost wonder if those were dropped in afterwards, to help it fit the rom-fan target.

So, the main character is Joanne Walker, originally named Siobhan Walkingstick, a young beat cop in Seattle. Three months ago (in book one 😉 ) she ended up in a mystic battle and had to choose either the responsibilities of a shaman, or death.  Guess which she chose…

Anyhow, she discovers a dead body, and mysteries ensue.  Fun.

I`ll add her to my to-read list.

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