Elizabeth Moon – partial bibliography

Well, lo these many Moons ago, say 1983, I was a big fan of Anne McCaffrey. I think I read and owned everything she wrote up through the very early nineties.  Turns out, that was my first introduction to Elizabeth Moon, in her collaboration on Sassinak. Which I own.

Along the way, perhaps 1998, read Elizabeth Moon’s Deed of Paksenarrion.  I don’t think I made the connection with space marines at that point.

Then in 2009 or 2010, I grabbed one of the Serrano or Vatta books from the library, and it was time for fun reading. This inaugurated my ‘Babes with Blasters’ list, which is of course ironic yet enthusiastic fun for me. Familias Regnant universe

Heris Serrano (July 2002)—Baen omnibus edition
The Serrano Legacy: Omnibus One (December 2006)—Orbit GB omnibus
  • Esmay Suiza continuation
    • Once a Hero (March 1997)
    • Rules of Engagement (December 1998)
The Serrano Connection: Omnibus Two (September 2007)—Orbit GB omnibus
The Serrano Connection (October 2008)—Baen omnibus edition
The Serrano Succession: Omnibus Three (February 2008)—Orbit GB omnibus

Vatta’s War

Other novels – good ones!

The Planet Pirates Series

The Planet Pirates is based on two books by Anne McCaffrey, Dinosaur Planet and Dinosaur Planet Survivors, (the two are also called The Mystery of Ireta) which also form the core of The Death of Sleep.
  • Sassinak (March 1990)—Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Moon
  • The Death of Sleep (June 1990)—Anne McCaffrey & Jody Lynn Nye
  • Generation Warriors (February 1991)—Anne McCaffrey & Elizabeth Moon
  • The Planet Pirates (October 1993)—omnibus edition, McCaffrey, Moon, & Nye

Original listing courtesy of wikipedia

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