Ill Wind – Nevada Barr

More gold stars for Nevada.

Anna Pigeon has moved on to yet another National Park, this time the Anasazi ruins.  After a little settling in time, the reader is not surprised that someone becomes dead.  It was suspenseful waiting to find out who was going to die.

Anna, on the other hand, is surprised that there’s another mystery to solve. You’d think that by the third time she’s featured in a mystery novel, she’d be a little more hard-boiled about it, but she’s insisting on being a normal law-enforcement officer, not Batman.

Anyhow, I had a revelation about 40% of the way into the book that seemed to explain much of the mystery… turns out I was wrong, but not by too terribly much. The real solution involved even more of the characters, and included a stronger motive… whereas my house-of-cards solution was built around a big hole – although the title made sense my way as well 😉

Fun, very fun.  I will have to track down book two, because I feel like I missed some interesting story development in Lake Superior.

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