Blackout – Connie Willis

Be sure to have the ‘sequel’ ready

Stars: Four out of Five

Blackout takes place in the same universe as many of Connie Willis’ other stories, for example The Domesday Book, To Say nothing of the Dog,  or a short story in The Winds of Marble Arch

Something seems to be going wrong with the mechanisms of time travel to which these British university types have become accustomed.  Several characters travel to Britain during World War Two, and meet obstacle after coincidental obstacle preventing them from returning to their proper time.

The construction of the book is of several parallel but not coincident story lines, and it can be daunting to track who is happening when.  There are more plates being juggled here than I recall being active in other Willis stories – so perhaps the ambitiousness of the scope is the reason that it seems to be moving more slowly and with less drama.

Still, it’s excellently written and I am looking forward to the sequel to learn what becomes of all these characters.

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