Kate Elliott – Bibliography

I bought a used copy of Jaran, Kate Elliott’s first novel, some time ago. When I launched into true bibliophage mode in 2010, I looked through my bookshelves for author’s I’d liked.  That’s how I got started reading more of these!

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As Alis A. Rasmussen

  • The Labyrinth Gate fantasy (1988),
  • The Highroad Trilogy science fiction (1990)
    • A Passage of Stars (volume 1),
    • Revolution’s Shore (volume 2),
    • The Price of Ransom (volume 3),

As Kate Elliott

  • The Spiritwalker Trilogy fantasy series:
    • Cold Magic (2010)
    • Cold Fire (Tentative) (Forthcoming)
    • Cold Steel (Tentative) (Forthcoming)
  • Crossroads fantasy series:
  • Crown of Stars fantasy series:
    • King’s Dragon (1997) (finalist for 1997 Nebula Award for Best Novel)
    • Prince of Dogs (1998)
    • The Burning Stone (1999)
    • Child of Flame (2000)
    • The Gathering Storm (2003)
    • In the Ruins (Aug 2005)
    • The Crown of Stars (Feb 2006)
  • The Golden Key, an epic collaboration with Melanie Rawn and Jennifer Roberson combining intriguing details of medieval art and politics with believable magical elements; World Fantasy Award finalist for Best Novel of 1996
  • The Novels of the Jaran science fiction novels:
    • Jaran (1992)
    • An Earthly Crown (1993)
    • His Conquering Sword (1993)
    • The Law of Becoming (1994)

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