Endangered Species – Nevada Barr

"Endangered Species" by Nevada Barr


In Nevada Barr’s Endangered Species, Anna Pigeon is back in action, in fire-supression detail on Cumberland Island in gator country.

This is one neatly constructed mystery. My only complaint could be that perhaps there were too many characters, and I found myself saying , ‘wait, who?’ a couple of times… but that’s certainly better than knowing exactly who dunnit early on because you KNOW there are only so many people.

There is a pilot, a crashed plane, a creepy turtle biologist.  In case you are wondering, I think the turtles are the endangered species in the title. As far as titles go, this would be the flimsiest title connection so far.  Anyhow, the story is good.

The scene in which Anna’s dog Taco is attacked by a gator is absolutely awesome.  It was very gripping, believable, and effective. It got me teared up for her… or, wait, am I confusing a scene from Deep South?  Oh, I think I am. Sorry.

This was one of my favourites in the series so far.

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