Richelle Mead – Bibliography

The first book I read by Richelle Mead was Storm Born, sometime before I started this blog. Because it was pretty good, I tracked down its sequel Thorn Queen in April 2010. Overall, I’ve liked the Georgina series better.  Look at the international covers for an interesting different perspective on Georgina – often with bat-wings.  I like this one ‘her kiss is deadly…’

Georgina Kincaid series

  1. Succubus Blues (March 2007)
  2. Succubus on Top (January 2008) (UK title: Succubus Nights)
  3. Succubus Dreams (October 2008)
  4. Succubus Heat (June 2009)
  5. Succubus Shadows(March 2010)
  6. Succubus Revealed (September 2011)

Dark Swan series

  1. Storm Born (August 2008) [read this pre-blog]
  2. Thorn Queen (August 2009)
  3. Iron Crowned (March 2011)

Young adult novels

… actually, another blogger said these are not Twilight wanna-be books… even though the covers are truly adolescent.  So, maybe I will give them a try.

Vampire Academy series

  1. Vampire Academy (August 2007)
  2. Frostbite (April 2008)
  3. Shadow Kiss (November 2008)
  4. Blood Promise (August 2009)
  5. Spirit Bound (May 2010)
  6. Last Sacrifice (December 2010)

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