The Serpent’s Shadow – Mercedes Lackey

The Serpent’s Shadow is the first of what has become Mercedes Lackey’s Elemental Mages series.

There is a faint nod to the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, but just as an echo.

This book is not terribly strong on its own as a novel, but it describes some of the mechanisms of magic in this world.  If you really enjoyed the other ones, you would like this. But otherwise, don’t rush to read it.  The Wizard of London is a better character-driven introduction to this world.

The main character is Maya Witherspoon, whose mother was an Indian Brahmin magic-wielder and her father in the British Army. I was never clear whether he had any magic power. Anyhow, they are both dead, and Maya ‘flees’ to England to practice as a surgeon.

The surgery aspects are the better part of the book.

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