The Gryphon Project – Carrie Mac

I ran out of fresh book material the other day, and so tried out this YA genetic-engineering-dystopia book The Gryphon Project.

Random observation: the cover reminded me very strongly of a previous edition of Stranger in a Strange Land – the naked male torso, swirly pipes, monochromatic colors. I wonder whether that was deliberate.

I suppose… meh.

The main character seems shallow despite her resentment at having died in the past. Resurrection is the special hook here – they can grow you a replacement body, you see.  The elite (which includes lawyers) get three shots, second tier (which includes accountants and professors) get two renewals, etc.  WTF, lawyers?!

I find it interesting to compare this book point-for-point with the Hunger Games, in order to reveal where the Gryphon Project differs and is not quite as good.

Look at it: dystopic future, self-absorbed heroine, struggle against the unjust oppression of some groups or classes.

I object to the word ‘project’ in the title.  I don’t think there was a project…

2.5 / 5 *  Just barely on my threshold of considering it worth reading as junk-food.

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