Infoquake – David Louis Edelman

I started Infoquake but didn’t finish. WB read it through to the end!

In the part I read, it’s about a techno-business thing in the future. Deadlines and product strategies, who will capture market share.  Maybe the technology gets more compelling in the parts of the book that I did not read.

The tag line on the cover was  ‘hack the body and the mind will follow’…

I don’t want to read about unrealistic deadlines on technology projects.  That’s work, not fun. Maybe the fault was all mine, but I just had to put the book down with a resounding meh, after about 30 pages. Maybe it’s a good book, but not for me.

Little Red Book Reviewer read it all the way through and enjoyed it.

An interesting review from Cult of the New. Sixteen hour days and programming marathons? Yep, I stand by my decision, that’s not leisure reading. Interesting point made there about the murky feasibility of fiefcorps. I suppose: maybe as an unattached early-twenties-geek new to the world of work, I might take a five-year-contract… it’s not really that different from what one did anyhow. But, I can’t picture doing that forever!

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  1. #1 by Nevin on May 22, 2011 - 7:01 pm

    I’m glad you liked my review. I wasn’t thrilled with the book overall, partly because the technology never did get more compelling. There were a lot of interesting ideas, but I didn’t ever feel that they were developed.
    In a sort of back-handed defense, though, I will say that the descriptions of long programming sessions never felt realistic enough to bug me. It was like one of those epic fantasy stories that occasionally reminds you of all the weeks of hard, boring work that the journeying heroes must go through, but only the exciting parts actually stick with the reader.

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