Counting Heads – David Marusek

Cover of "Counting Heads"

Cover of Counting Heads

Counting Heads is a first novel by a respected short-story writer David Marusek.  This shows, a little, in the structure of the book. It’s a bit choppy.

You know, in retrospect, there may be some resonance with David Brin’s The Kiln People.

It’s a really interesting work – AIs and nanotech and cloning. Memorable for those certainly, and the plot does well stitching it together.  Scads of points of view.

  • Entire segments of the work force are ‘iterative’ people – clones of one original successful unique person. One guy, the ‘Russ’, was a secret service agent.  They are ‘always’ happy with an Evangeline.
  • There is also ‘the seared’ – a main character is the man who was arrested wrongly for some nano-bio-terrorism suspicion… because he was married to powerful Eleanor.
  • The world was polluted in the past by runaway nanotech – most cities are domed.

Teensy quibble: I cannot connect the title of the book to the story, except as a little joke about the main plotline of the disembodied head that everyone is searching for.  The title is too not-memorable.


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