Mutineer – Mike Shepherd

Cover of "Mutineer (Kris Longknife)"

Cover of Mutineer (Kris Longknife)

Mutineer is the first book in Mike Shepherd’s SF series about Kris Longknife – privileged daughter of a wealthy (political) family who flouts convention by joining the space military.

In other words – did you run out of Elizabeth Moon’s Serrano/Suiza/Vatta books to read? This is like that.  This first book is competent but formulaic.

That being said, when I’m out of better things to read, some times a calorie-free twinkie-book like this fits the bill.

I do find the cover art has established a new category of love-to-hate standards – Paris Hilton with a Super-Soaker water gun in front of a space-vista backdrop.




Told you...



In this first instalment, Kris has to disobey orders in order to lead a successful counter-attack. We learn that the Peterwald family “has it in for” her family.  Kris’ grandfather is declared king of a group of worlds that have seceded  from the Earth empire.  Kris’ father is Prime Minister.

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