Kris Longknife bibliography – Mike Shepherd


Told you...

For the sake of completeness, I am going to keep reading these books until I find better things to do. (update – this was the death-knell, perhaps.  I have too many lovely books sitting in TBR to spend more time with Kris and her super-soakers…)

I doubt I want to re-read them, so here’s the bibliography so that I don’t re-order one. It’s not as though the titles are helpful in that regard.  It’s not a good sign that I thought ‘omg, really?’ when I saw someone else’s comment that Resolute was only the fourth book. Seems like I’ve been reading these for ages already.

  1. Mutineer (2004)
  2. Deserter (2004)
  3. Defiant (2005)
  4. Resolute (2006)
  5. Audacious (2007)
  6. Intrepid (2008)
  7. Undaunted (2009)
  8. Redoubtable (2010)

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