Keeping it Real – Justina Robson

Keeping it Real does not quite earn itself a spot on the Babes with Blasters list. Yes, the main character does have prosthetic arms and legs like Jenny Casey but there are also elves around… the overall sense is more in the almost-adult and fantasy genre rather than what I’ve nominated as true SF babe-ism.

There are extensive plot-coupons to locate – the male lead is a rock-star elf, with a demonic background. Yeah, I know, swoon. He needs rescuing by our active carbon chickie.

The first actual sex scene, rather late in the book, took me by surprise.  Aside from the mentions of horniness, it hadn’t seemed like it was going to … go there, but it did.  Too bad, because otherwise it would get thumbs-up for the precocious 6th-grade audience.

The title?  Seems arbitrary, probably imposed by a marketing department.

Stars: 2.5/5 – not looking for a sequel until I am much more desperate.

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