The Disappeared – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The Disappeared starts off with some exciting and misgiving-inducing description of a character walking away from her life in order to disappear.

The focus then hops a little from one point of view to another before settling with our main character, the baby-faced Miles Flint, and his partner-unwilling-mentor deRicci.

There are a few species of creepy aliens out there with their own senses of justice, and in order to stay part of the universal economy, Earth must honor their legal rulings even when they affect earthlings who unknowingly broke laws.

A baby is snatched, a lawyer is pursued, and Flint has to decide what he wants to do with the pieces of the puzzle.

This book has a subtitle ‘a retrieval artist novel’ – this indicates that it follows a novella which introduced the concepts, perhaps some characters: definitely these aliens.

In some ways, this did feel like back-story in search of a main plot, but it does succeed in entertaining along the way. Three/five stars, and I’ll look for the sequel.

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