Hunting Season – Nevada Barr

This is one of my most-favourite books so far with Anna Pigeon, intrepid park ranger.  The mystery is well carried-out, the characters are vividly and visually drawn, and the sense of place is excellent.  The author worked some years at this same park, which may help explain the groundedness.

So, Anna must needs explain the mystery of the dead body this time at her park. Finally someone in charge takes notice that dead bodies appear when Anna is near! 

The beginning of the story shows Anna in church watching the reverend sheriff boyfriend conduct a marriage for one of Anna’s deputies.  There’s a lovely description evoking both place and character and appearance of the woman next to Anna in the pew.  I suppose that my greatest quibble if I can have one, is that this is one of Anna’s most personally introspective moments in the book.  We’ll forgive her though given the fun mystery which follows.

I enjoyed the political insights into the running-for-sheriff in Mississippi.  And I like the further development of … gah, the deputy who’s researching genealogy… what’sis’name.

Four of five stars.

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