Smoke and Shadows – Tanya Huff

Cover of "Smoke and Shadows"

Cover of Smoke and Shadows

Smoke and Shadows is the first book in Tanya Huff’s second series of vampire novels.  The first ‘Blood’ series featured Vicki Nelson, the ex-cop from Toronto.

This book takes place on the set of a TV show where the main character is a vampire detective. The book’s protagonist is Tony Foster, the now twenty-something street-kid who Vicki originally took under her wing in Toronto.  The threat to the universe is cross-dimensional shadow lord who wants to invade.  Even some of the characters comment on the cheesiness – shadow lord?

The plot here is reasonably fun, and the lead character is ok, but I haven’t been so rabid a fan of the Blood books that this one carries along from the predecessors’ momentum.

Based on the teaser chapter at the end of this book, book two Smoke and Mirrors will feature some ghosts at a mansion at a remote location… of course the TV show chooses that spot to film some episodes.  I’m going to hold off on requesting the next one – there are some more promising books lined up already on my shelf.

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