Jay Lake – Bibliography

I liked Mainspring, so here’s the full list of his novels for followup.  Escapement is now queued up for reading!

Mainspring Universe

  1. Mainspring (June 2007) Tor Books (ISBN 0-7653-1708-7)
  2. Escapement (June 2008) Tor Books (ISBN 0-7653-1709-5)
  3. Pinion (March 2010) Tor Books

In addition to these three novels there are at least two more novellas set in the Mainspring Universe:

  • “Chain of Fools” (Subterranean, Oct 2008) and
  • “Chain of Stars” (Subterranean, Oct 2009), loose sequel to “Chain of Fools”

The City Imperishable

  1. Trial of Flowers (October 2006) Night Shade Books (ISBN 1-59780-056-2)
  2. Madness of Flowers (October 2009) Night Shade Books (ISBN 1-59780-098-8)
  3. Reign of Flowers (forthcoming)

Green Universe

  1. Green (June 2009) Tor Books
  2. Endurance (scheduled for November 2011)
  3. Kalimpura (forthcoming)

Other Novels

  • Rocket Science (August 2005) Fairwood Press (ISBN 0-9746573-6-0)
  • Death of a Starship (December 2009) MonkeyBrain Books
  • The Baby Killers (novella) (forthcoming) PS Publishing
  • The Specific Gravity of Grief (novella) (forthcoming) Fairwood Press


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