Sailing to Sarantium – Guy Gavriel Kay

Cover of "Sailing to Sarantium (The Saran...

Sailing to Sarantium - my hardcover

Sailing to Sarantium and its sequel Lord of Emperors are constructed like a mosaic – glittering facets of characters and fragments of stories are embedded in an overarching panorama.  Tones used in one scene deliberately echo other areas to emphasize their hidden connection.  The brighter stand out more clearly against the dark, and formal strict portraits are juxtaposed against the life and beauty of individuals.

And, it’s fun to read.  Luckily for YOU, the sequel is already available – if you like this I bet you’ll like them both.

Sailing to Sarantium comes in as my third-favourite of GGK’s novels. This is more of a ‘for-fun’ read for me than Lions or Tigana. Not quite as beautiful as Lions, not quite as tragic as Tigana.

via Guy Gavriel Kay – favourite author | Hamilton Public Library | BiblioCommons.

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