C. J. Cherryh – bibliography

Following uncounted re-readings I have grown very attached to the books in C.J Cherryh’s Foreigner Universe.  The humour has grown on me extensively, and with scads of re-reads, I am following the plots and nuances quite well. I love the number-counters! The tone is really distinctive: distant but full of dry humor.  Although they were not the easiest books to get started with, I think they are worth the effort. I know I did not follow who-what-where-when in the first time I read Foreigner, that’s for sure.

The titles! I know it’s good branding to use a one-word style, but I cannot keep them straight in my head.  I am trying to buy all of them in hardcover so that they can stand up to future decades of reading… but instead I have three hard-cover copies of Destroyer, no copies of Deceiver, and just a paperback Defender.  Anyone want to buy a copy of Destroyer?

Our cat ‘Jago’ may not appreciate my enthusiasm, especially when people at the vet are not sure how to pronounce her name.

The Foreigner universe

I plan to own them all in hardcover, in case you’re wondering about the notes.

Trilogy arc 1

  1. Foreigner (1994)—Locus SF Award nominee, 1995 – hardcover and soft-cover
  2. Invader (1995)—Locus SF Award nominee, 1996 – hardcover and soft-cover
  3. Inheritor (1996) – hardcover, soft-cover

Trilogy arc 2

  1. Precursor (1999) – have the hard-cover and soft-cover
  2. Defender (2001)—Locus SF Award nominee, 2002 – soft-cover
  3. Explorer (2003) – have the hard-cover and soft-cover

Trilogy arc 3

  1. Destroyer (2005) – 3 copies of the hard-cover!
  2. Pretender (2006) – probably around here somewhere, but don’t see it right now
  3. Deliverer (2007) – have the hard-cover

Trilogy arc 4

  1. Conspirator (2009) – have the soft-cover
  2. Deceiver (2010)
  3. Betrayer (April 2011)

Trilogy arc 5

  1. Intruder (in progress). She (C.J.) has an excellent blog: you should visit her.

via C. J. Cherryh bibliography – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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