Best new-reads in 2010

These are the best books I read for the first time in 2010. The genres are Fantasy and Science Fiction, because that’s what I usually read. I strongly recommend all of these books.  I’ll happily read these multiple times – either for sheer enjoyment, or to find further depths in the writing, or both.

These first few are in the top one-percent of books that I have EVER read.

  • The City & The City – so richly detailed, it’s fascinating.  I read it in 2010, posted the review later 😛
  • The Speed of Dark – an amazing book with an autistic protagonist. It makes you think, but it is not depressing
  • Voyages by Starlighta collection of short stories which are that much more amazing when put together. What a variety of voices!
Four point five stars: these are merely excellent.
  • Not Wanted on the Voyage – literature, and Canadian. Reminded me of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
  • Remnant Population – fun and very, very good.  Always nice to hit that combination.
  • Before they are Hanged – Think of this as The Belgariad re-interpreted by Hannibal Lechter. Warning: this is book 2: the first book in this trilogy, The Blade Itself, was only 4 stars so it’s not on this list.  But you definitely should read the first book first – it will get you used to the point-of-view whiplash.
  • The Last Argument of Kings – Closing book of the First Law trilogy. This dark fantasy takes an ironic delight in turning the genre conventions upside down.

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