And some of us blog about reading it – Fantasy Writing Resources

There’s this quote from George Bernard Shaw

‘Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.’ 

A nasty sentiment, but so succinct that it’s insidious. Anyhow, I apply that to myself – I like to write (notice this is a blog, duh) and definitely love to read (refer again to blog).  Writing fiction? That would be awesome, but I don’t feel inspired to. I’d like to.

Maybe my third career will be writing fiction, assuming that a decent amount of inspiration strikes me. I don’t have the patience for teaching.  For now, I am thinking “those who can, write. Those who can’t write, read. Those who don’t write but think it would be cool to write … blog about reading about writing”

Heh.  Here’s a really nice reference post of many resources for writing fantasy

some links which may come in handy for …fantasy writers

via Fantasy Writing Resources « About Writing – The Personal Blog of Pace J Miller.

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