Free vs self-destructing eBooks | Baen vs HarperCollins

Do you think library books should self-destruct?  Neither do I. Absurdly HarperCollins thinks their new feature will help sell more books.  Tell them they’re mistaken: join Neil Gaiman and Cory Doctorow in signing this petition. I signed, in case that influences you. 😉 .

Now, the happy news. Baen has – for FREE –  dozens of full-length science fiction and fantasy novels in most/all formats for download. Just go to their Free Online Library.  This is not a short-time gimmick – it’s been available since October 2000!  And look – testimonials from authors saying they like the idea, and that it only helps sales…

Go! Read! Try someone new, or start up a famous series that you never visited.

  • Elizabeth Moon
  • C.J. Cherryh
  • Lois McMaster Bujold
  • Mercedes Lackey

Dozens of other authors both famous and aspiring!

Baen Books is making available — for free — a number of its titles in electronic format. We’re calling it the Baen Free Library. Anyone who wishes can read these titles online — no conditions, no strings attached…. Or, if you prefer, you can download the books in one of several formats. Again, with no conditions or strings attached.    Why are we doing this?…  via Introduction – Baen Books.

Yeah, I know, I am spectacularly late to this party, but still: FREE!  I am excited, can you tell?  Why are you still here? Click! Go!

Back to the dark side of the coin – remember that Harper Collins wants to kill library e-books. Read more and Sign the petition.

HarperCollins  …. announced recently it will sell e-books to libraries that will last only 26 reads, forcing cash-strapped libraries to purchase popular titles again and again.  via

Local-ish news on the topic (chosen by me, not a bot)

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