Best books of 2011 – Spring

These are the two best books that I read for the first time in 2011. There have been lots of four-star books this year – I recommend those too.

I don’t focus on reading brand-new books. So, you’ll be able to find these at most libraries with no trouble!

Let’s see, then… which are the best of the rest?  I will cluster them by genre for you – I gave these four stars, and I read them in 2011.
To be honest, I did not scroll all the way back to January in my reviews – this is culled just from March and onwards.
Mid-series fantasy entries. Again, these are not new books.
  • Escapement – Jay Lake. Clockwork earth. Next book is even better, but you’d have to read this one to appreciate the next.
  • Succubus Shadows – Richelle Mead.  This is waaay into the series about Succubus Georgina.  Fun and well-written. Sometimes I start taking competence for granted, then I read something with terrible editing and my appreciation for this sort of book is renewed.
  • House of Cards – C.E. Murphy. This is the middle book of the Negotiator series by C.E.  It’s my favourite of the three.

Science Fiction

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