Friday Finds @Bibliophage’s Book Buffet | May 27

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Cover for 'The Tinkerer's Daughter' Among Others Angel of Darkness
  • The Tinkerer’s DaughterBy Sedgwick, Jamie. A young-adult fantasy adventure – with a strong point-of-view narration provided by a young half-elf, half-human.  Now that I have a ‘contact me’ page, people are… contacting me!

  • Among Others – By Walton, Jo.  The buzz has been building and building about this book.  It’s rare for me to queue up a book from the current year, but that’s what I have done with this one.  At first glance it sounds like it could be an urban fantasy, but from the cover-quotes, the protagonist is isolated rather than swooning over sparkly fairies.
  • Angel of Darkness – By DeLint, Charles. This is one of 3 dark fantasies he wrote in the 80s, under the pen-name Samuel M. Key. I’ve already read Mulengro, which was another of those Key books, and I prefer the ambiguity and darkness over twinkly fantasy.
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