Angel of Darkness – Charles de Lint

A bit creepy… and good.

Angel of Darkness – Charles deLint 

Stars: 3.5 of five.
Summary: In the early 1990s, Charles de Lint wrote and published three dark fantasies under the name “Samuel M. Key.” Now, beginning with Angel of Darkness , Orb presents them for the first time under de Lint’s own name. When ex-cop Jack Keller finds the mutilated body of a runaway girl in the ashes of a bizarre house fire, he opens the door to a nightmare. For a sadistic experiment in terror has unleashed a dark avenging angel forged from the agonies of countless dying victims…. (from my library’s website)
Provenance: Borrowed from the library.

As the summary says, Angel of Darkness is darker than De Lint’s usual urban fantasy.  As with Mulengro, I enjoyed it.

Given the serial killer bad-guy, I felt a bit reminded of one of Mo Hayder’s creepy stories. I can’t remember what that one was called.

{I actually read this in June 2011 and am back-dating the review accordingly}


Did I overlook your review? Let me know in a comment, and I will add the link here.

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