Snow Crash – Neil Stephenson

Cyber but more recent than Neuromancer.

Snow Crash – Neil Stephenson.

Stars: Three and a half of five.
Summary: At the beginning of the novel the main character, Hiro Protagonist, discovers the name of a new pseudo-narcotic, “Snow Crash”, being offered at an exclusive Metaverse nightclub. Hiro’s friends and fellow hackers fall victim to Snow Crash’s effects, which are apparently unique in that they are experienced in the Metaverse and also in the physical world. Hiro uses his computer hacking, sharp cognitive skills, and sword-fighting to uncover the mystery of “Snow Crash”; his pursuit takes the reader on a tour of the Sumerian culture, a fully instantiated laissez-faire society, and a virtual meta-society patronized by financial, social, and intellectual elites. As the nature of Snow Crash is uncovered, Hiro finds that self-replicating strings of information can affect objects in a uniform manner even though they may be broadcast via diverse media, a realization that reinforces his chosen path in life..(from the wikipedia article)

I really enjoyed this book at the beginning and carried through on that momentum to the end. In particular the beginning couple of dozen pages were fantastic.  You are literally dumped into Hiro’s world and you have to catch up with the goal of his current mission. Is he a ninja? Other sort of assassin?  or… pizza guy?

On the other hand, if you read the central device as described in the wikipedia article, it sounds ludicrous.  I didn’t want to pay too much attention to the gizmos, and instead just enjoy the voice.

I am posting this review retroactively – since I read it in May or June and it is now September.  This is a quick-not-doing-it-justice note, and moving on now to post more of the backlog.


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