Vietnamese Coriander’s Sneaky Cousin, Smartweed: Be Grateful that it’s Pretty

“Smartweed is in the buckwheat family.  Buckwheat itself is believed to have originated in China long, long ago.  Unlike grains such as oats and wheat, buckwheats are not part of the grass family; they’re on their own.  Buckwheat makes delicious pancakes, and the bees turn the pollen into prized honey.  However, as the smartweeds go, there’s an Asian variety that’s used like cilantro, but our 96 varieties generally aren’t safe to for human consumption.” via Wildflowers – Smartweed: Be Grateful that it’s Pretty – from the Monday Garden.

I bought an ‘herb garden planter’ and it includes and herb called Vietnamese Coriander that looks just like a weed I’ve got in my yard… my web-snooping has determined that the herb is Persicaria odorata, while the weed is one – or more- of 96 varieties of smartweed/pinkweed that are invasive throughout North America.  And the weed is not edible.

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  1. #1 by redperil on August 5, 2011 - 9:07 am

    Some weeds look so nice, that I’m quite happy for them to populate all over my front yard.

    Pretty flowers, pretty weeds, what’s the difference?

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