The Vor Game – Lois McMaster Bujold

Miles adventures cold, hot, and halting.

Stars: Three and three quarters of five.

Review format: Note plus links.
Summary: Together, they can get into a lot of trouble. Trouble only the combined forces of the Free Dendarii Mercenaries can get them out of. At least, that’s what they’re hoping…
In this latest adventure with the galaxy’s craftiest mercenary leader Miles, starts out by so shaking up the High Command on his home planet of Barrayar that he is sent to the other side of the galaxy – where who should he run into but his old pals the Free Dendarii Mercenaries. And a good thing too, because it turns out that Miles’ childhood chum, that’s Emperor Gregor to you, has been the victim of foul play, and only Miles – with a little Dendarii muscle – can save him. This is very important to Miles; because if Gregor dies, the only person who could become the new emperor is Miles himself – and that he regards as a fate worse than death. (from goodreads)
Provenance: Baen Online Store… via the containing omnibus, Young Miles.
Date Read: Sometime in late July.  Review written 2 months late. 😦

Strongly-recommended for Miles fans, but newbies should start with Cordelia’s Honor, or The Warrior’s Apprentice.

I was surprised to learn this won Bujold her first Hugo for best novel, in 1991. Yes, it’s zippy and funny, but… the novel’s roots as a novella (The Weatherman) do definitely still show.  On the other hand, the writing is clearly stronger than either that of Shards of Honor or Warrior’s Apprentice.  You should know that she also won the Hugo novel the following year for Barrayar, which is better IMO.

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