Hello? Testing, one, two, three

Well, hello again.  It’s been a while.  I’ve been keeping my blog-skills fresh over in my business persona and poor little bibliophage has been pining away here.  Nothing posted between June 30 and September 5th.

Not that I had stopped reading.  Just… not book blogging for a time.   I doubt I am going to get caught up here with full reviews for what I’ve read since the last time I posted a review.  It was actually The Name of the Wind that put me out of commission back in May.  That’s an excellent book … and just quite daunting to write a review that does it justice.  So, call me daunted and don’t hold your breath for an eloquent review from me on that.

Rather than continue to aim so high for excellent publication-quality reviews on everything I post… which is awfully stringent and not exactly achieved… I am going to retreat somewhat to my original mission.  Capsule reviews and posts to record what I’ve read. When I’m inspired, then yes I will try and write a review that strives for more. Those are the reviews that I’ll feature.  But the other ones – those I’ll keep brief and to-the-point.  But, at least I’ll try and cover all of them.

By the way, I am finally reading a bunch of Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga. I actually laughed so hard during … bah whichever one that was… I spat all over myself. Bug Butter indeed. Funny.

Now, here’s a dilemma.  Do I back-date the reviews to match roughly when I read the book, or do I post them from September 5th onwards?  I think… I am going to back-date the reviews.  Not because I want to make it look like I was diligently blogging throughout the summer, but because I am keeping track of what I read, and when.

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