Working Stiff – Rachel Caine

Love the title, love the cover. Content? well, s’ok.

Stars: Three of five.

Review format: Note plus links.
Summary: Bryn Davis never really knew what to do with her life but after a stint in the military dealing with death and destruction on a daily basis, Bryn believes she has found her true career calling as a funeral director.  Giving dignity to the dead and comfort to those left behind has given her a purpose.  Unfortunately, her curiosity leaves her much closer to death than she bargained for.
 (from goodreads via fellow blogger)
Provenance: e-book from my local library.  Needed something to bring on vacation.
Date Read: December 27, 2011.  Review written January 2011. 😦

While reading Working Stiff, I was carried along by the confidence and competence of the writing; but afterwards, what was I really enjoying?

There’s fairly-good existential angst about being a reanimated corpse, certainly… But in some ways it’s equivalent to Monster Hunter, International dressed up as paranormal-romance plus dead people.  It’s grim… but in a just-for-entertainment way. I didn’t feel like my world was expanded.

I won’t avoid future books by this author, but on the basis of this one book, I am not going to search out sequels or her other series.

Links and others’ reviews

Other related good stuff and reviews  (added by me, not generated)

  • Better off Dead? Working Stiff by Rachel Caine (  Warns that this is not a ‘sweet’ story: “If I had to choose, I would say it is pure science fiction or even horror.  Don’t get me wrong, Ms. Caine wrote a good story, but it is harsh.  The descriptions of dying and decomposing are fairly graphic and the author doesn’t do much to sugarcoat the fear, pain and disillusionment that are a part of death.”
  • Bookd Out – Spends some time describing the horror aspects.  “The actual idea of this [zombie-making] drug is almost too horrifying to contemplate, and Caine instigates some twists that make it a particularly terrifying prospect.” I definitely agree.
  • Dangerous Romance was kinda on the fence: “I’ll read the sequel, because I’m a fan and it was well written, but don’t read this book if you’ve had a bad day.” I also agree with that.


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