Hamilton’s Best Theatre of 2011 – Mousetrap kudo

Say cheese... actually chickenwire!

Full cast in our awesome costumes on the amazing set.

“I recently saw The Mousetrap at The Village Theatre in Waterdown, and it was by far my best experience of the year. It is very rare that a local play has every aspect drawn out with perfect proportion to one another, and a high level of skill working behind it all. This ensemble of actors, directed by cast member Andrew Finnigan, had a tight knit chemistry; their strongly–held dynamic was vividly present on stage, and it fuelled the mystery with abundance. The collective talent was impressive; the performances were of high calibre and were consistent with one another. But the director is ultimately responsible for how the interaction of the performances is styled – and so Andrew Finnigan deserves major kudos and acknowledgement for his ability in bringing this show together. It was totally, wholly enjoyable; I completely loved that evening at the theatre, and that is something I don’t get to say as often as I’d like. I didn’t say enough about the set in my original review – it was beautifully designed, made wonderful use of space, and catered perfectly to the needs of the play. Theatre Waterdown loves to make daring choices, to try anything, to trust their gut, and to involve everyone they can who wants to be a part of theatre. Nothing can stop these theatre-lovers from maintaining a huge community presence. Bravo to a lovely group.”


via Hamilton’s Best Theatre of 2011 | View Magazine Online Edition.


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